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SomaLife - Build your business, free websiteWe are a part of the SomaLife team and have created a totally new step by step, duplicatable system that will help all of us take our SomaLife business to new heights.

As a SomaLife Teammate you can now have access to this exclusive marketing system, which utilizes some of the world's leading edge internet technology, it will help you:

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  • give you and your new teammates an easy to follow step by step system that can instantly get you off to a Fast Start..

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Here's what the Secrets of Youth
Success System includes...

  • Your own professional personalized Website with your contact information...
    • create instant credibility
    • the "Brand New You" website will introduce your prospects to the science of Anti-Aging using video and audio presentations. Now you can just follow up and answer their questions

  • "The Secrets of Staying Young Revealed"
    • A customized professional six page Health and Longevity Report that visitors can receive FREE just for visiting your site.
    • This exciting report will reveal the secrets of how to stop the aging process.

  • An auto response message to tell you who has visited your site and requested the report...
    • once someone requests the report you will be instantly notified by email
    • you will receive the prospect's name and email address

  • A Contact Form prospects can use to reach you...
    • prospects can ask questions and make comments
    • you will receive the prospect's name, email address, phone number and comments

  • "Power Points", frequent tips that arrive automatically in your email that will reveal exactly how to build a large SomaLife business both locally and nationally....
    • learn the exact step by step strategies to building a strong Soma Team with your FREE subscription to "Power Points"
    • learn the fundamentals of inviting, presenting and enrolling
    • cutting edge resources and options to help you build your business
    • access to amazing seminars and internet marketing strategies
    • Top Earners share winning techniques and business building methods

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